Fixing Common Decor Mistakes YOU SENT ME! ✨ What Would Drew Do #3

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Sharing my third episode of What Would Drew Do! A series where I take your design dilemmas and turn them into budget friendly solutions! Today we have James, Shannon and Lena who submitted their incredible spaces for a bit of help! Which room was your favorite?

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Room 1:
+ Paint- Benjamin Moore White Dove
+ Curtains-
+ Headboard-
+ Duvet-
+ Throw blanket-
+ Throw pillows-
+ Art print-
+ Night stands (similar)-
+ Storage baskets-
+ Floor mirror-
+ Floor basket-

Room 2:
+ Sofa-
+ Rug-
+ Accent chair-
+ Coffee table-
+ Media console-
+ Pendant light-
+ Framed prints-

Room 3:
+ Wallpaper-
+ Curtains-
+ Pine shelving-

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+ Microphone:
+ Memory Card (BEST):
+ Tripod:

+ Intro song form
+ Music by Mark Generous - Meganne -

Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe!


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    Susan Varghese
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    jean massey
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    Great ideas. I have a strong feeling that since Shannon lives in Texas, she is going to want to keep her ceiling fan. I am sure she could find one with a bit more style as a compromise.

  6. Samreen Rizvi
    Samreen Rizvi
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    Isha Jha
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    Jacklyn Mason
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    Elizabeth Trihub
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    Brienne McCreery
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    Nobody With Maple & Bee
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